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Quality Assurance

Crossroads Care Braintree District & Chelmsford is a leading provider of support for people with care needs and their Carers in accordance with our charity’s objectives.

As with all social care providers with all social care providers we undergo regular detailed inspections by the Government’s Care Quality Commission. Following an unannounced inspection in February, we are pleased to report that have achieved the standard set by CQC in every aspect of our services.

As members of Crossroads of Association we adhere to our internal system of quality assurance, which is called CROQUET (Crossroads Own Quality Evaluation Tool) and are measured against a set of quality standards developed by the Association. CROQUET covers the areas of governance, finance, services, people and quality and is used by auditors from the Crossroads Association to carry out a regular audit of our Scheme. We currently hold a Level 2 rating, with level 3 being the highest rating.

In addition to our internal quality assurance programme we also adhere to the standards for domiciliary care produced by the National Care Standards Commission and the Kings Fund Quality Standards for Local Carer Support Services. We have also attained endorsement to use the Charity Commissions kitemark for quality.